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XO, Kitty Season 2 on Netflix: Latest Renewal Updates, Fans Can’t Wait for More!

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Will There Be XO, Kitty Season 2 on Netflix? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Netflix’s XO, Kitty has touched the hearts of its viewers with its romance, drama, and comedy. Created by Jenny Han, the creator behind To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, XO, Kitty is a spinoff of the popular rom-com series.

What is XO, Kitty?

XO, Kitty follows the character of Katherine “Kitty” Song Covey, who is the younger sister of Lara Jean, the main character in the To All the Boys franchise. After Lara Jean goes to college, Kitty enrolls in a summer program in Seoul, South Korea.

Is XO, Kitty Season 2 Happening?

As of now, Netflix has not made any official announcement about the renewal of XO, Kitty for a second season. However, given the success of the To All the Boys franchise and the fan base of Kitty, it is highly likely that Netflix will bring the show back for a second season.

What Will XO, Kitty Season 2 Be About?

XO, Kitty Season 1 ends with several cliffhangers, including Kitty’s departure from Korea, Min Ho’s love confession to Kitty, and Q’s concerns about Florian’s academic dishonesty. If XO, Kitty Season 2 happens, it will continue where the first season left off and explore potential storylines involving Kitty’s return to Korea, her romantic interests, and the characters’ academic and personal lives at KISS (the summer program).

Will Kitty Go Back to Korea?

Kitty’s time in Seoul ends with a dismissal from KISS due to breaking the housing rules by staying in the boys’ dorm. However, Yuri, who has a crush on Kitty, calls her mom to ask her not to expel Kitty from KISS. If the series continues, Kitty’s return to Korea could be the starting point of Season 2.

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What Will Happen with Min Ho?

Min Ho confesses his love to Kitty in the last episode. If there is a second season, fans will get to see how Kitty responds to Min Ho’s confession and how their relationship progresses.

What’s Going on with Q, Dae, and Florian?

In the final episode, Q discovers that Florian has cheated to maintain his grades and struggles with whether to reveal the truth. Meanwhile, Dae, who has feelings for Kitty, chases after her at the airport and confesses his love. If Season 2 happens, we’ll get to see how these storylines develop.

When Will XO, Kitty Season 2 Be Released?

The filming and release date of XO, Kitty Season 2 are uncertain at this point. Considering that Anna Cathcart, who plays Kitty, is currently studying, we may have to wait for summer 2022 or later for the show’s return. However, we can expect Netflix to make an announcement soon if the show is renewed for a second season.

Where to Watch XO, Kitty?

XO, Kitty is exclusively available on Netflix. To stream the first season, you can sign up for a Netflix subscription or sign in to your existing account.


Fans of XO, Kitty season 1 are eagerly waiting for the renewal announcement of the show. If renewed, we can expect the same level of romance, drama, and comedy in the upcoming season. The show has left viewers with many questions and storylines that need to be resolved, so there’s plenty to look forward to in the second season.

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5 FAQs

1. Why is XO, Kitty called a To All the Boys spinoff?

XO, Kitty’s main character is Katherine “Kitty” Song Covey, who is the younger sister of To All the Boys’ main character, Lara Jean. Kitty played a supporting role in the To All the Boys series and now has her own spinoff show.

2. Is it Necessary to Watch To All the Boys to understand XO, Kitty?

No, the events in XO, Kitty are independent of what happens in To All the Boys movies. However, it’s useful to watch the To All the Boys franchise to get to know the Song Covey family and their background better.

3. Who Created XO, Kitty?

Jenny Han, the creator of the best-selling novel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, created XO, Kitty. She is also an executive producer of the show.

4. Who Plays Katherine “Kitty” Song Covey in XO, Kitty?

Anna Cathcart plays Kitty in XO, Kitty. She is also prominently featured in the To All the Boys franchise as Kitty Song Covey.

5. Is the XO, Kitty Show Popular?

While there is no official data available on the show’s viewership, XO, Kitty has been well-received by audiences and critics for its heartwarming and humorous portrayal of young characters in love and navigating life’s twists and turns.


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