15 Must-Do Things Before Burning the Erdtree in Elden Ring for the Ultimate Playthrough!

Things To Do Before Burning The Erdtree In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, the creators of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The game world is enormous, filled with areas to explore, quests to complete, and gear to find. When playing the game, players must make a choice to burn the Erdtree, which is necessary to complete the game. However, this choice locks players out of most side quests, making it crucial to know what to do before burning the Erdtree. In this article, we’ll explore the things that players should do to get the full Elden Ring experience before setting fire to the Erdtree.

Before Burning The Erdtree

Complete Main Quests

Before players burn the Erdtree, it’s essential to complete any of the main quests available to them. Completing the main plot quests before burning the Erdtree ensures that players get a better understanding of the game’s world and story.

Finish NPC Questlines

Elden Ring has many non-playable characters (NPCs) players can interact with, and most of these NPCs have their own questlines players can complete. Finishing these questlines before burning the Erdtree is crucial as most of these questlines become unavailable after burning the Erdtree.

Explore Hidden Areas

Elden Ring has many secret areas hidden away from the main game path, and players can only access these areas through hints and NPC guidance. Before burning the Erdtree, players should explore all possible areas, including the Sewers and the Royal Capital district, to find hidden dungeons, catacombs, and challenges.

1. Nokron, Eternal City

Nokron is a hidden area that players can access by completing the quests for Ranni. Players must find the Deep Ansel Well located in the Mistwood forest in southern Limgrave to access it. Nokron has many bosses, items, and the powerful mimic-tear summoning spirit ash.

2. Subterranean Shunning-Grounds

The Subterranean Shunning-Grounds refer to the extensive sewer network area beneath Leyndell, the Royal Capital. The area contains powerful Omen foes, and players can find unique gear and items by exploring the maze of pipes and high platforms filled with monsters.

3. Deeproot Depths

To access Dp Root Depths, players must travel to the furthest reaches of Nokron until they find the Siofra Aquaducts. Players can fight Twin Valiant Gargoyle bosses and face the optional boss; Lichdragon Fortissax in the area.

4. The Consecrated Snowfield

The Consecrated Snowfield is the most expansive and hardest to find area in Elden Ring. Players must complete the long quest of Latenna and the Albinauric Village in Liurnia Of The Lakes and obtain both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion. The area contains many powerful enemies, and it is constantly snowing, which can interfere with players’ visibility. Players can find the hardest boss in all of Elden Ring called Malenia in the area.

5. Mohgwyn Palace

Mohgwyn Palace is another well-hidden area in Elden Ring, and players reach this region through The Consecrated Snowfield. A magic teleporter will appear after every enemy is killed in the area. This area has many unique items, such as boss weapons, and strong enemies, making it an excellent area to explore before burning the Erdtree.

After Burning The Erdtree

Pick Up Missable Items

After burning the Erdtree, 99% of the items in the Royal Capital become unobtainable due to the Ash covering everything in the city. Players must pick up every unique item inside the Royal Capital Leyndell before burning the Erdtree.

1. Bolt of Gransax

Players can obtain the Bolt of Gransax from giant spear lodged in the Royal Capital.

2. Deathbed Dress and Lionel’s Set

The Deathbed Dress and Lionel’s Set are also located beneath the giant dragon structure inside a small building.

3. Omensmirk Mask

Players can loot the Omensmirk Mask by defeating an Omenkiller enemy beneath the giant dragon structure.

4. Alberich’s Set

Players can find Alberich’s Set inside the Fortified Manor, which is the alternate Roundtable Hold in the Royal Capital.

5. Raging Wolf Set

The Raging Wolf Set can be obtained through Recusant Bernahl’s questline inside the Fortified Manor.


Q: Is it necessary to burn the Erdtree to complete Elden Ring?

A: Yes, players must burn the Erdtree to progress in the main plot and finish the game.

Q: How do players access hidden areas like Nokron or the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds?

A: Players must complete specific quests and find hidden wells to access these hidden areas.

Q: What is the Consecrated Snowfield?

A: It is the most expansive and hardest to find area in Elden Ring, and players must complete a long questline before accessing it.

Q: What happens after players burn the Erdtree?

A: The Royal Capital Leyndell gets renamed the Ashen Capital, and most items and side quests become unavailable.

Q: Should players complete NPC questlines before burning the Erdtree?

A: Yes, completing NPC questlines before burning the Erdtree is essential as most of these questlines become unavailable after burning the Erdtree.

In conclusion, players should take their time and explore all of Elden Ring’s hidden areas, NPCs, and quests to get the full Elden Ring experience before burning the Erdtree. This article provides a comprehensive guide of what players should do before and after burning the Erdtree to ensure they do not miss out on any essential items or quests.


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