Chicago PD Season 10 Finale: Who Survives, Who Dies, and What Fanatics Can Expect!

The Chicago PD Season 10 Finale: Who Died and What Happened?

The Chicago PD Season 10 finale was an intense episode that left fans on the edge of their seats. From Richard Beck’s death to the uncertain fate of Adam Ruzek, the episode was a roller coaster of emotions. In this article, we will give a detailed summary of the season finale, delving into who died, what happened to the main characters, and what fans can expect from season 11.

Richard Beck Dies in Explosive Finale

The main antagonist of the season, Richard Beck, met his end in the finale. After Intelligence runs a large-scale operation to take down Beck and his white supremacist organization, Atwater manages to find stacks of C4 moments before the building explodes, killing Beck.

Adam Ruzek’s Fate Hangs in the Balance

Adam Ruzek was the undercover cop tasked with taking down Beck’s organization. He manages to secure an immunity deal for Samantha and Cal Beck, but Cal retaliates by shooting Ruzek in the abdomen. As the IU rushes Ruzek to the hospital, his fate remains uncertain. The episode ends with his life in the balance, leaving fans wondering if he will survive in the next season.

Cal Beck’s Vendetta Against Atwater

Cal Beck is left orphaned after his mother agrees to cooperate with Intelligence and secure immunity for herself and Cal. In the final moments of the episode, Cal stares down Atwater with a chilling hatred that suggests that the plot is far from over for him.

Kim Burgess Grapples With Ruzek’s Fate

Kim Burgess, Ruzek’s love interest, watches in horror as Ruzek is rushed to the hospital bleeding. She looks helpless as she waits for updates on his condition, but is comforted by Platt. Her promise to Ruzek to find Samantha and Cal keeps her on edge.

Voight and Chapman Share a Drink

The finale’s aftermath sees Voight sharing a drink with Chapman, the ASA who helped him secure the immunity deal for Samantha and Cal. The two look visibly shaken as they reflect on the events of the episode.

Atwater Kills Richard Beck

In a dramatic showdown, Atwater kills Richard Beck, who had taken Cal hostage. Atwater manages to kill the white supremacist without causing harm to Cal.

Ruzek’s Cover is Blown

Ruzek’s cover is blown when Samantha threatens to leave town with Cal. This crucial moment leads to an escalation in events, with the IU executing the large-scale operation to take down Beck.

Halstead’s Departure Changes the Dynamics

Jay Halstead’s departure from the show’s main cast after nine seasons changes the dynamics of the Intelligence Unit’s investigations.

Upton Struggles With Halstead’s Departure

Hailey Upton, Jay Halstead’s love interest, struggles to deal with his departure and tries to work herself to the bone to avoid going home to an empty apartment.

Spiral of Violence Against White Supremacists

The final episodes of season 10 see Intelligence closing in on Richard Beck and his white supremacist organization, leading to a spiral of violence that leaves fans wondering who will survive.

Burgess Vows to Find Samantha and Cal

Kim Burgess vows to find Samantha and Cal, Ruzek’s undercover operation targets in the finale, after Ruzek is left fighting for his life in the hospital.

Atwater Faces Consequences of Killing Richard Beck

Atwater’s killing of Richard Beck leaves Cal staring at him with a chilling hatred, suggesting that he may face the consequences of his actions in the next season.

Cinematic Cliffhanger

The Uncertainty surrounding Ruzek’s fate and Cal’s vendetta against Atwater ensures that fans are left on the edge of their seats, awaiting the next season’s premiere.

Season 10 Finale Sets Up Season 11 Plot

The repercussions of Richard Beck’s death, Ruzek’s fate, and Cal’s vendetta against Atwater are sure to be the driving forces behind the plot in season 11.

Overall Impression

The Chicago PD season 10 finale was a dramatic episode that left fans wanting more. With the fate of Ruzek up in the air and Cal’s vendetta against Atwater, season 11 promises to be a wild ride.


1. Who Killed Richard Beck in the Chicago PD Season 10 Finale?

Atwater kills Richard Beck in the explosive finale of season 10.

2. Will Ruzek Survive in Season 11?

Ruzek’s fate remains uncertain as the season 10 finale ends with his life in the balance.

3. What is Cal Beck’s Vendetta Against Atwater?

Cal Beck harbors a chilling hatred towards Atwater after he killed his father, Richard Beck, in the season 10 finale.

4. How does Kim Burgess React to Ruzek’s Fate?

Kim Burgess looks horrified as she watches Ruzek in his hospital bed in the final moments of the season 10 finale.

5. How Does the Season 10 Finale Set Up the Plot for Season 11?

The repercussions of Richard Beck’s death, Ruzek’s fate, and Cal’s vendetta against Atwater are sure to be the driving forces behind the plot in season 11.


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