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Microsoft Releases The Insects Demo To Showcase What 4K UHD and HDR Looks Like

Microsoft is set to launch the Xbox One X within the next 12 hours. With the console becoming a part of a huge Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 debate since E3 2016, Microsoft’s beastly console is here. Touting to provide enthusiasts with the ‘True 4K’ HDR gaming experience, Microsoft has prepared a number of titles taking full advantage of the Xbox One X’s 6TFLOPs of raw power.

Not only did Microsoft build a beastly console, but the technologies they’ve built into the console and the way how they broke many technical constraints in no short of an applause. Not only does the new console support 4K HDR gaming, but Microsoft has added a ton of excellent features to the Xbox One X such as HDR support, vapor champer cooling, Dolby Atmos audio and an impressive host of internals. The Xbox One X packs 6TFLOPs of raw power, 12 Gigabytes of RAM, 326GB/s of memory in a body that’s even smaller than the already small, Xbox One S. Not only is the console impressively tiny, but the console also features an excellent modular like build inside of it rather than being super complicated for its hardware and size.

With the Xbox One X now being unboxed at many of your local gaming stores preparing for the launch of the Xbox One X, Microsoft has announced a new interactive demo for Xbox One X users that showcases the advantages Xbox One X gamers should expect from the console. Not only does the interactive demo show off what the Xbox One X is capable of, but it also shows off what benefits 4K UHD, HDR and Spatial Audio mean for consumers.

Xbox One X owners who download the demo would be able to change the environment, subjects, graphics and ton more as well in real-time. This is indeed an impressive showcase from Microsoft showcasing what the Xbox One X has to offer.

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