Get Ready to Laugh! Clone High Revived with Refreshed Characters and New Cast Members.

HBO Max’s Clone High Is Set to Return With New Cast Members and Revamped Characters

Clone High, the animated sitcom that first aired on MTV in 2002 and 2003, is being revived by HBO Max with some new cast members and revamped characters. The popular show developed a cult following over the years, particularly among younger viewers, thanks to the unique premise of high school students who are clones of famous historical figures. The revival promises to be even better, with a range of new and exciting characters and storylines.

Revamped Characters and New Cast Members

The revival of Clone High on HBO Max will feature a range of new and interesting characters, as well as some old favorites. Some of the new characters include Frida Kahlo, Confucius, and Harriet Tubman, all of whom will be voiced by a talented cast of voice actors led by Ayo Edebiri, Vicci Martinez, and Kelvin Yu. Additionally, Cleopatra returns to the show voiced by Iranian-American comedian Mitra Jouhari. The original cast members also lend their voices to the production, with Will Forte and Nicole Sullivan leading as Abe Lincoln and Joan of Arc, respectively.

What Makes These Characters So Special?

Each character is a high school student and a clone of a famous historical figure, adding an extra layer of intrigue to their stories. The show blends humor, drama, and social commentary to create a unique viewing experience. For instance, the portrayal of Gandhi, the party-loving clone voiced by Michael McDonald, caused outrage among Indian politicians and Gandhi’s grandson causing the series to be canceled after just one season. In contrast, the revival of Clone High on HBO Max has revamped the characters to avoid any controversy and ensure that audiences get a fantastic experience that is fun and comedy-driven.

Revamped Representation

According to Erica Rivinoja, Season 2 executive producer, the show-runners made the revamp necessary because the characters created some controversy. Protests featuring 150 Indian politicians and Gandhi’s grandson in India and an eventual cancellation of Clone High were the results of highly controversial representation of Gandhi on the show. The new show has revived some characters to improve representation, making each character distinct by giving them unique voices, personalities, and backstories.

What Can Viewers Expect from the New Show?

The revived Clone High promises to be even more exciting than the original show, with a talented cast of voice actors, new and interesting characters, and compelling storylines. Additionally, the show’s trademark humor provides a unique and engaging viewing experience that is sure to keep fans coming back for more.

Original Creators Will Be Involved

The revival of Clone High on HBO Max will involve the show’s original creators, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence, who are overseeing the project alongside Erica Rivinoja, who serves as showrunner. Their involvement guarantees that the show will remain faithful to the original and satisfy the long-time fans of the show.

The Revival of an Old Favorite

The return of Clone High signals the increasing role of nostalgia when it comes to the creation of new content. Old intellectual properties are being revived to provide audiences with familiar content while introducing something fresh and new to attract young viewers. Similar to the popular reboot of Animaniacs, the revival of Clone High seeks to appeal to both old and new audiences, making it a highly anticipated event.


The revival of Clone High on HBO Max is set to be one of the highlights of 2021, with a talented cast of voice actors, interesting storylines, and revamped characters. With the involvement of the original creators, the show is set to maintain the unique blend of humor, drama, and social commentary that made it such a beloved show. For fans of the original series, Clone High on HBO Max is the perfect opportunity to relive old memories, while for newcomers, it is an irresistible opportunity to dive into a hilarious and irreverent world.


1. When will Clone High air on HBO Max?

The animated series is set to premiere this spring, with new episodes airing weekly.

2. Who are some of the new cast members?

New additions to the voice cast include Ayo Edebiri as Harriet; Mitra Jouhari as Cleo; Vicci Martinez as Frida; Kelvin Yu as Confucius; Neil Casey as Topher Bus; Jana Schmieding as Sacagawea; Sam Richardson as Wesley; Mo Gaffney as Ms. Grumbles; Al Madrigal as Frederico; Danny Pudi as Dr. Neelankavil; Emily Maya Mills as Ethel Merman; Michael Bolton as Michael Bolton, Mandy Moore as Mandy Moore, Ian Ziering as Ian Ziering; Steve Kerr as Steve Kerr; and Jeffrey Muller, Kyle Lau, Dannah Phirman, and Danielle Schneider.

3. Who are the original creators of Clone High?

Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence are the show’s original creators, who are also involved in its revival on HBO Max.

4. Has the show had any controversies in the past?

The original show faced some controversies over its portrayal of Gandhi, which led to protests and its eventual cancellation. The revival of the show has been revamped to avoid similar issues.

5. Why Are Old Intellectual Properties Being Revived?

Old intellectual properties are being revived due to a growing trend to cater to people’s nostalgia while introducing something fresh and new. The reboot of Animaniacs and the revival of Clone High are examples of highly anticipated revivals of old properties.


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