In Search of the Immortal Wizard Flags: The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Rank!

In Search of the Immortal Wizard Flags – A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re an avid Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty player, then you know how hard it is to find those mysterious In Search of the Immortal Wizard Flags. While they’re not required to complete the game, they sure do increase your overall Fortitude and Morale for that level. In this guide, we will breakdown all the Battle Flags and Marking Flags one by one so that you can raise them and improve your rank. So, let’s get started!

Climbing Mount Tianzhushan

Before we begin, it’s important to note that for the In Search of the Immortal Wizard mission, you will explore a bamboo forest with Hong Jing in search of her missing master. Once you have completed preparations; leveling up, upgrading gear and weapons, etc. within the village, speak to Hong Jing near the Battle Flag at the beginning of the area. Then select the ‘Head to Mt. Tianzhushan’ option.

Locating the Flags

Battle Flag 1

Directly ahead of you once you spawn into the level is the first Battle Flag, already activated. From here, you have a variety of pathways through the bamboo forest to take. While you can cut through the bamboo immediately to your left to face a Changgui, it’ll be around Morale Rank 10 so better to hold off for the time being. You can cross the stream and destroy the bamboo on the right to find a small enclosure with a wolf and some floor loot.

Marking Flag 1

To progress, follow the stream down, facing off against the two Shuigui you will find on your way. As you near the first curve in the stream, you’ll see a wolf on the embankment to the right, and a giant Huoshu patrolling in the stream itself. Deal with the wolf quickly, then focus on the Huoshu. With both defeated, head to the embankment where the wolf was and follow the narrow path through the bamboo to reach another Battle Flag.

Battle Flag 2

From the Battle Flag, you can turn left and continue to follow the path up a short set of steps (after dealing with a smaller Huoshu in the way), and you’ll arrive in a small enclosed area with a structure similar to a bandstand. In the center of the bandstand, you’ll be able to see a large chest. As you approach, a Zhuyan will jump down, allowing you to fight it. With Hong Jing’s help, this should be relatively easy to defeat. After doing so, you can loot the large chest and continue down the steps on the other side of the structure. You’ll then arrive in a small enclosed area with two Huoshu. One is standing right next to the first Marking Flag of the level, and the other is tucked in the far corner to the left. After clearing both out, you can raise the Marking Flag.

Battle Flag 3

Backtracking all the way to the first Battle Flag, you are now at least a few Morale Ranks higher and can now more feasibly take on the Changgui (that you need to cut bamboo to access). Aggro it and draw it back towards the initial Battle Flag to ensure no other nearby enemies are drawn into the fight as well. After defeating it, destroy the bamboo to the right to face off against yet another Changgui. Once it is dead, you’ll find the next Marking Flag tucked away amongst the bamboo to the right.

Marking Flag 2

Now return to the bandstand area and cross over the large rock bridge formation, and on the far side you’ll see two patrolling Huoshu’s, as well as another Changgui atop a central rock (where a Battle Flag is also visible). If you approach slowly, you can actually aggro and lure both the Huoshu’s back across the bridge without disturbing the Changgui. After eliminating those, head left (trying not to disturb the Changgui just yet), and you’ll find a third Huoshu around the corner. Take the slope ahead up, and find the fourth and final Huoshu in this area, Fatal Striking it from behind if you sneak up on it. This position also allows you to jump up and get behind the Changgui, who you’ll now want to defeat to raise the next Battle Flag.

Battle Flag 4

From the Battle Flag, head down the two sets of steps to the left of the rocky bridge formation and destroy the bamboo blocking the path to your left. You’ll see some floor loot ahead, though be warned, as soon as you grab it, a swarm of pests will attack you. After defeating them, head up the path, drop down and walk through the ruined building archway to see the Battle Flag in the distance.

Marking Flag 3

After planting the fourth Battle Flag, climb the set of stairs on the left-hand side of the area. Follow the path towards the wall until you reach the area with some Spiders and a Shiguai. Kill the enemies, then proceed through the hole in the wall to find another flag waiting for you. Once you have planted the third Marking Flag, four patrols will spawn. Dispose of them and then head through the gate that opens nearby.

Battle Flag 5

Immediately to your right inside the gate is the fifth and final Battle Flag. Hooray! You have successfully raised all Battle Flags and Marking Flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s In Search of The Immortal Wizard mission. Congratulations on improving your rank significantly!


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is quite a challenging game, but with this guide, you’ll be able to easily locate all the In Search of The Immortal Wizard Flags. Just remember to take your time, be careful, and use your surroundings to your advantage. Keep playing and enjoy your success in the game!


1. Do I have to locate all the In Search of the Immortal Wizard Flags?

No, you don’t have to find them all, but locating them will help significantly improve your Fortitude and Morale for that level.

2. What happens if I don’t plant all the In Search of the Immortal Wizard Flags?

Nothing major happens if you don’t locate all the flags, but it could be a great advantage for your gameplay experience if you do find them all.

3. Are there other hidden items in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Yes, there are many hidden items in the game, and finding them can significantly improve your gameplay experience.

4. Do I need to play the previous games in the Wo Long series to understand Fallen Dynasty?

No, each game is unique in itself, and you don’t need to play the previous games in the series to understand the current one.

5. Is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty available on all gaming platforms?

No, it’s only available on PC and Xbox One.


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