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Unlock the Secrets of Lapis Manalis With This Comprehensive Dungeon Guide for Final Fantasy Xiv!

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Patch 6.3 for Final Fantasy 14 is now authoritatively live. Just like with Patch 6.1 and 6.2, this latest happy patch continues the main storyline while also calculating a new alliance raid and a new dungeon so-called Lapis Manalis. Just like with the dungeons added in previous reinforcements, Lapis Manalis is part of the MSQ for 6. X.

Players will need to go finish it if they want to find out what happens next as the effort to rescue Azdaja from the Void remains. As Final Fantasy 14 players go into this original dungeon, here is what they can expect from the individual boss encounter.

How to Unlock Lapis Manalis

Since the new dungeon is share the main storyline, players can’t miss getting admission to this dungeon. Simply progress through the MSQ until a memo pops up that says Lapis Manalis has been gaping. At that point, players can either matchmake with other players to do the prison or run it with AI. Loot from this dungeon is items close to 605.

First BossAlbion

As is typical for dungeons, the path forward is linear, so it is incredible to get lost. At the start of the dungeon, simply kill adversaries as they approach the top of the Mammoth. After killing several groups move lengthways the pat and go toward the first boss, a large yeti person called Albion.

Final Fantasy XIV: Lapis Manalis Dungeon Guide!
Final Fantasy XIV: Lapis Manalis Dungeon Guide!

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Albion only has a source attack, a scarce attattackill watch out for them. Nearby the start of the fight, Albion will troupe Call of the Mountain which summons a large herd of creatures that run crosswise the battlefield in a line.

While getting hit by this does not cause players to get a heap of Vulnerability Up, they will still want to not get hit by it. The boss also casts a tank buster called Albion’s Embrace. The tank would prepare to mitigate damage and then be healed up by the naturopath as quickly as possible.

Beyond that, Albion will likewise cast an ability called Knock on Ice. The boss will throw large chunks of ice miserable and then destroy one of them. Since this organizes a lot of damage, players will want to move away to circumvent getting hit while also keeping a distance from each other. The enduring ice blocks come into play when the boss casts Roar of Albion. Hide behind one of the lumps of ice to avoid taking damage.

From there, the boss will endure repeating its attarepeating by using an ability called Left Slam. As long as players can evade the boss’s attacks, Albion will go miserable quickly.

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