Is Clone High Season 2 Worth Watching? Our Review Will Surprise You!

Review: Clone High Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2

After a 20-year hiatus, Clone High is back. The first two episodes of its second season air on HBO Max and answer the tough question: does the show hold up today?

Premiere: Let’s Try This Again


The first episode of season 2, called “Let’s Try This Again,” picks up where season one left off. The clones are still frozen, but the world around them has changed. The show captures how different and controversial contemporary cultural movements are.

Humor and Themes

This episode mines humor from cultural clashes and the ways cancel culture works for the new characters and original cast.

Drawing in Modern Audiences

Clone High is a bit of a social commentary, and “Let’s Try This Again” makes it accessible for a contemporary audience. With Gen-Z or millennial humor, the show might have a broader appeal.



Episode two, “Sleepover,” introduced the new clones, including Harriet Tubman, Confucius, Topher, and Frida. The episode follows the characters as they ponder running for class president.

Humor and Themes

The humor in this episode is about the futility of popularity contests and the politics of high school election campaigns.

New Characters Take Over?

The premise in “Sleepover” places new clones at the forefront. They seem to offer a new direction for the series.

Returning Favorites

Each of the clones – Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, JFK, and Cleopatra – is unique and perfectly crafted. Even without the controversial Ghandi, the characters remain central to the show.

Abe Lincoln

In season 2, Abraham Lincoln is a fish out of water character, attempting to navigate today’s social and political landscape. He is guilty of outdated speech that gets him into trouble.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is now a social influencer focused on eco-friendliness, representing salvation for Abe Lincoln.


Cleopatra is still queen bee and struggling to compete with the new arrivals. She uses self-harm in an act of passive-aggressiveness against Joan of Arc.


JFK is hilarious and still has a charming personality. In season 2, JFK tries to show his sensitive side and redeem himself from his womanizing past.

New Clones


Confucius is obsessed with social media and portrays a great metaphor for the contemporary obsession with living life online.


Topher faces a crisis of identity as he struggles to escape from his clonefather’s shadow.

Harriet Tubman

Harriet is a champion for civil rights and someone that Cleopatra cannot compete with.

Frida Kahlo

Frida offers a sense of mystery, yet to be fully explored.


Clone High’s first two episodes have held up well with time; the humor remains relevant, and the characters’ motivations and personality are outstanding. Season 2 has a fresh crop of new clones that make the exceptional show stand out for a new generation of viewers.


1. How many seasons are there in Clone High?

There is only one season of Clone High plus the latest instalment airing on HBO Max.

2. Why was Clone High canceled?

Clone High’s controversial representation of Ghandi was the main reason why the show got canceled in 2003.

3. Do you need to watch season one to watch season two of Clone High?

No. Although Watching season one would make season two more enjoyable, it’s not necessary since the show recaps past events relevant to current events.

4. How does Clone High fit into the modern TV landscape?

Clone High stands out in modern-day as it offers a unique look at social commentary. Besides, its humor is relevant, and the original cast is as entertaining as ever.

5. Is “Sleepover” an excellent representation of the new season?

Yes. “Sleepover” is an excellent representation of the new season. It captures the essence of the show’s humor and adds new conflicts and characters to the mix, refreshing the staple formula.


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