Married at First Sight Nashville: An Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look at the Intense Process

An Exclusive Look Behind the Scenes of Married at First Sight in Nashville

The hit reality television show, Married at First Sight, has returned for its sixteenth season, and this time, it is set in Nashville. The show features ten singles from Tennessee who are ready to take the ultimate leap of faith by marrying complete strangers. In this article, we will take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the intense process behind the production of the show.

The Matching Process

The show’s premise involves matching individuals who have never met and legally marrying them within a few days of laying eyes on each other. However, before the show’s production, the contestants have to go through a rigorous matching process, which includes:

Application Process

The initial application process for the show includes filling out an extensive questionnaire about the individual’s life, values, and what they are looking for in a partner.

Interviews with Professionals

After the application is submitted, the show’s professional team reviews it, and the selected candidates move forward to interviews with professionals like psychotherapists and relationship experts.

Compatibility Tests

In addition to the interviews, the candidates also undergo compatibility tests, including personality tests and evaluations.

The Reveal

After the matching process, the final ten singles are pleasantly surprised with the news that they are instantly engaged to a complete stranger, and they will be getting married in just two weeks.

The Marriage Experience

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day, the couples get to meet their partners for the first time. They exchange vows in front of their loved ones, and after the ceremony, they head out on a honeymoon.

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Moving In Together

After the honeymoon, the couples begin the challenging aspect of the experiment by moving in together as husband and wife.

The Decision Day

After eight weeks, the couple has to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. It’s an emotional quest to pursue their forever love.

The Experts

Throughout the journey, the couples receive professional advice and support from experts like Pastor Cal, Dr. Pepper, DeVon Franklin, and Dr. Pia Holec.

Life-Changing Decisions

The couples have to come to terms with the reality of their marriage status and make a life-changing decision – continue to stay married and start a future together, or get a divorce and go their separate ways.

Where Are They Now?

Airris and Jasmine

Airris and Jasmine eventually divorced and, in a recent interview, Airris admitted that the experience of constantly being filmed and adjusting to marrying a stranger became overwhelming.

Christopher and Nicole

It is still unclear whether Christopher and Nicole are still together after the show.

Clint and Gina

Clint and Gina had significant obstacles to overcome in this series, and they have since divorced.

Mackinley and Domynique

Domynique ended the marriage just 12 days after the wedding, which led to their divorce.

Shaquille and Kirsten

It’s unclear whether Shaquille and Kirsten are still together, but by the looks of it, their life hasn’t changed much.

How and When to Watch Married at First Sight in Nashville

The show typically airs on Lifetime, and if you’re hoping to stream the series, then you can do so on Philo TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and Hulu+ with Live TV.

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Matchmaking Special and Kick-Off Special

Before the season 16 premiere, you can get an inside look at the show’s matchmaking process with the MAFS: Matchmaking Special and the Kick-Off Special.

Afterparty and Relationship Rewind

Following each weekly episode, there will be new episodes of Married at First Sight: Afterparty, where the cast will be giving the inside scoop to host Keshia Knight Pulliam. Additionally, Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper will provide their viewpoints on the show’s most dramatic scenes on their new digital series, MAFS: Relationship Rewind.


Getting married at first sight and marrying a stranger is not for the faint-hearted, and the show portrays the emotional journey vividly. With professional advice and support, the “Sweet 16” season brings in more romance and intense stakes, making each episode a thrilling and must-watch experience.


1. How many couples are there in the show’s “Sweet 16” season?

There are ten couples in the “Sweet 16” season.

2. Where is season 16 of Married at First Sight set?

Season 16 is set in Nashville with Tennessee-based singles.

3. Who are the experts that provide the couples with professional advice?

The experts include Pastor Cal, Dr. Pepper, DeVon Franklin, and Dr. Pia Holec.

4. What are the couples’ options after eight weeks of marriage?

The couples have to decide whether they want to stay married or get a divorce.

5. Where and how can I watch Married at First Sight in Nashville?

The show is available on Lifetime, Philo TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and Hulu+ with Live TV.


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