Motorola Teases Android "O", Oreo? - GeeksULTD

Unless you’re in a nutshell, after the letter “O” comes after “N”. In the Android world, Google has been naming their Android versions in an alphabetical order. Until now, the name for Android N hasn’t been confirmed and yet Motorola teases that their latest Moto G4 Plus will receive the Android “N” and “O” updates.


Well even though Android N’s official name hasn’t been confirmed yet, MKBHD, a Youtuber, speculates that Google has already decided a name for Android “N” and is waiting for more votes to confirm the name! Anyways what do you think about “O”? Shall we get some Oreo?

Here’s some specs of the upcoming Moto G4 Plus

G4 Plus Specs

Anyways, let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Anzhuo