OnePlus 3 Reveal on 14th of June 2016, here's how to watch the live event! - GeeksULTD

Well OnePlus in my opinion are one of the most influential companies in the smartphone market for their excellent price/performance ratio of their smarpthones. Until now OnePlus has had 2 installments, the OnePlus One and Two, soon we will see OnePlus Three in which they will fix all the arguments with their OnePlus Two. OnePlus one in my eyes are still considered legendary but OnePlus Two held back many die hard fans. Its going to be super exciting what OnePlus has in store for the OnePlus 3.

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OnePlus has started to tease us and die-hard fans

Moreover OnePlus was too keen to leak what they’ve done with their new flagship. They even relased some sample shots taken with the OnePlus 3 which show gorgeous pictures!

This is awesome. And we can see how much effort they’ve put back into their phones to re-gain their name! Anyways we soley do believe that OnePlus may have a trick up its sleeve to sweeten the launch. To watch the live stream of the OnePlus 3 lauch, tune into OnePlus’s page here.

For users who have Loop VR or Google’s Card, you guys get to view the live event in full experience! If you want to, make sure you install an app called, OnePlus 3 Launch: The Loop.