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With it’s announcement Microsoft threw it’s hat in the ring for bringing more choice to the gaming community in regard to jumping to the next generation of consoles. But the Xbox One S is a statement from Microsoft to show, that they heard our comments about the design flaws of the original Xbox One. They Made the One S 40% smaller, gave it a internal power supply, storage options ranging from 5ooGB to 2TB, An HDMI 2.0 port which supports 4K output of Blu-rays and digital video and Physical Power and Eject Buttons.

A Visual Comparison Of the Original Xbox One to the One S

But another Feature which is brought to the gaming performance is HDR gaming, HDR standing for High Dynamic Range. Microsoft has not given any detailed response to what the feature actually is. Many people are confused on what it is. Some speculate that it requires an HDR tv like the Sony XDR94/93.

But that is not the case. What HDR gaming does is, it brings a broader range of colors and contrast. It keeps the dark areas of the image without losing detail to the image and the bright areas bright without washing out the detail or color. This creates a beautiful contrasted image filled with detail and color. This feature is available on all 60hz T.Vs which is amazing. This is a very useful feature and it brings a degree of immersion to the gamer, anyways that is what gaming is about, immersion in the story and characters. But is this feature supported by all games? Sadly No.

Microsoft has, at the moment only announced two titles which can use this feature:Gears Of War 4

Gears 4

And Forza Horizon 3

The Brand New Lamborghini Centenario as the cover car of Forza Horizon 3

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