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Microsoft Unveils AMD’s FreeSync 2 On The Xbox One X

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Its no surprise to many PC gamers that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One family of consoles are powered by AMD’s custom-made SoCs. AMD is without a doubt an incredible computing company for many industries. While it may be responsible for powering the consoles from Sony and Microsoft this generation, AMD has made sure that their customers, Sony and Microsoft are satisfied. While the inclusion of FreeSync was expected for a while, Microsoft was pretty quiet about AMD’s contribution in the Xbox One X.

Since the dawn of tear-free gaming was introduced to PC Gamers in the form of Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s Freesync, gamers who own supported displays have simply enjoyed a tear-free gaming experience on their PCs. Now since AMD is the sourcing partner for the SoCs in the Xbox One X, Microsoft has finally made AMD’s FreeSync technology more profound with their new update. Not only does it mention AMD’s Freesync 2 technology, but also introduces a number of options for gamers to adjust the refresh rate on their consoles with the Xbox April 2018 update. Usually, FreeSync could be found on PC monitors. However, since many PC gamers don’t mind to own a console, the introduction of supporting FreeSync openly should assure many gamers about the future of tear-free gaming.

This also opens the door for AMD to introduce FreeSync onto TVs thanks to their open-source nature. If so, AMD would have a strong-hold in the display market which in return means excellent, yet cheaper display options compared to G-Sync equipped displays.

Microsoft has finally made AMD’s FreeSync 2 support more profound with the latest Xbox One update.
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