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Microsoft Now Bundling 3rd-Gen Echo Dot With Xbox One S and X Consoles

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Microsoft certainly is leading the pack when it comes to horsepower. Microsoft isn’t a stranger to launching new Xbox One bundles frequently either. Recently, Microsoft has announced that it would be bundling Amazon’s Echo Dot with purchases of the Xbox One X and S.

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The bundle is currently available on Amazon US right now and have barely brought any price increases. The Xbox One X bundle with the Amazon Alexa also comes with a copy of NBA 2K19 if that’s your thing, so does the Xbox One S. With the Xbox One X’s new Amazon Echo Dot bundle, we’re seeing Microsoft increase the price of the Xbox One X from $478 to $499. While the Xbox One S’s price tag remains unscathed.

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What’s worthy to note is that bundled Echo Dot is the latest iteration of the device which means that you’re getting the 3rd generation of the Echo Dot. The Echo Dot typically retails for around the $49.99 tag and comes in three colors, Sandstone, Charcoal and Heather Gray.

Amazon’s Echo Dot is Amazon’s take on becoming you home’s digital assistant and is becoming increasingly popular lately taking on Google’s Home line of products. Both Google and Amazon’s AI assistant speakers have been performing neck and neck when it comes to sales and are a great addition to any home. In fact, the AI digital assistant speaker market is set to boom my 225% of by 2020 which is less than two years from now. Seeing Amazon pro-actively trying its best to overtake Google with various partnerships simply shows us how eager both companies are to move the industry forward.

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Sure, having the Amazon Echo Dot bundled along with your Xbox One X is great, but it seems conflicting to see two AI assistants present on the Xbox One X, that is, Microsoft’s in-house Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. Surely both companies are looking towards their gain and it’s evident how this would play out for both companies, especially Amazon.


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