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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Be Available By August 2


Today, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 Anniversary update will be available on August 2. It will be the largest ever update to Windows 10. The blog post didn’t provide any more details.

It was first announced in Build Conference that Windows Anniversary Update will have large suit of news tools for Windows 10 users. It will also include improved Sticky Notes with Cortana support. Furthermore, there will be a screen capture app that can be used for any app, probably games too.

There are also use of new APIs in applications for taking advantage of inking tools. There are many changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Update which are as follows:

  • Windows Hello Biometric Authentication can be now used for sign-in purpose
  • Cortana can be tweaked through apps and bots.
  • Cortana also supports Android Phone notifications now.
  • The start menu is revamped.
  • There is a new Dark Mode for all the night-owls.
  • Microsoft Edge browser now has support for extensions and gestures for navigation.
  • Skype is a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app now.
  • Windows Phone users can now answer phonecalls from their computers.
  • Cortana works when you’re signed out.
  • You can switch between Windows Virtual Desktops by using a 4-finger swipe gesture.
  • New icons and imroved UI.
  • More detailed notifications with media.
  • Taskbar icons of UWP apps now show notification counts and other information badges.

Windows insiders have been testing the beta version of Windows Anniversary Update. Microsoft is working hard on the update to give the perfect experience to Windows users..