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Samsung offers ample encouragement when it comes to buying its newest and most advanced devices. We already see that $50-$100 of Samsung instant credit can be yours for reserving a Galaxy S23 earlier its February 1 debut.

Samsung frequently bundles instant credit with prevalent devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Tab S8+. But you can’t apply for those credits near the purchase price of your phone; you’ll have to use it on accessories, Samsung’s solar Android tablets, or a pair of great Galaxy Buds to tune out the ecosphere outside.

Samsung suggests a ton of chargers and accessories on its website, and if you require ideas of what to burn your Samsung immediate credit on before it expires, we’ve got you covered. These various some of Samsung’s most popular devices and they all cost $100 or a smaller amount, so you can use up your Samsung credit on something useful and steadfast.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

This is Samsung’s candid dual wireless charging pad and supports the 15-watt Super-Fast Charging standard. Whether you famine to top up your Galaxy S22 or Watch 5 Pro, it’s the most reliable and steady option for anyone dedicated to the brand.

This specific version does include the cable, so it’s ready to use true out of the box. Its simple notification consists of three colored lights that let you know if your device is full or still charging or if the pad isn’t getting enough fluid, and you can get it in either black or white.

Samsung 15W Power Adapter


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Considering you’ve just expended quite a bit of dough on a high-end portable electronic device, it’s perfectly logical if you don’t want to risk it with a cheap, no-name, knockoff charger. Like most manufacturers, Samsung no longer contains the charger in the box, but you don’t need much to enhance this barebone 15-watt wall charger to your order. Granted, it doesn’t support the most cutting-edge power transfer profiles, but you be absolutely certain that it won’t fry any of your tools.

Samsung Wireless Car Charger

More than just a car stallion, it’s Samsung’s answer to the multitude of car phone mounts on the market, and it fits in a 9-watt wireless charger to keep your battery sated when you’re on the go.

It fluids up all phones that support wireless charging, even if an iPhone user happens to use your vehicle at about point and even if you use a case up to 3 millimeters thick. It clips to the air vent and can hold a phone in moreover portrait or landscape orientation but take note that you’ll necessity to supply your power adapter.

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