Mysterious Wireless Adaptor associated with Sony's Playstation surfaces - GeeksULTD

Lets get straight into this! Today, FCC ( US Federal Communications Commission), found a mysterious device in Sony’s Certification Application where the device seems to be associated with the Playstation 4


Seems as if this image was cropped out of a document. Who knows?

This mysterious device has a model number of CUH-ZWAU1, if you have inspected your Playstation box, “CUH” is usually the model number of the Playstation 4. Though accoridng to the image, the device seems to be consuming 5V and clearly has written “Wireless Adaptor. There’s a high doubt of where this will be used. Some suggestions are that this will be used to connect the DualShock 4 to the PC? We are still confused, or it could be to connect the DualShock 4 Controller to the PC wirelessly. Or even some accessory for the new PlayStation?

However, the site that surfaced this report says that no other documents were leaked and is set to show its face in the beginning of 2017.

Source: CNBeta