The upcoming update for the Xbox One features many interesting things such as voice assistant Cortana, Xbox Play Anywhere and background music. Many people were thinking that the background music will come from Spotify, but that’s not happening. Spotify is a PlayStation exclusive for now.

Spotify is a PlayStation Exclusive For Now, Not Coming on Xbox

When asked if Spotify will be making its way to Xbox, the Spotify representative on Twitter said that they’re “more focused on exclusive partnership with PlayStation”.

So yeah guys, Spotify is a PlayStation exclusive for now and it is not coming on the Xbox (for now). It is one of the most downloaded applications in PlayStation history.

However, something will provide the background music for the Xbox. But for now, that’s a mystery. Microsoft do have Groove Music and they can introduce streaming feature in it, but that’s not confirmed. The conundrum will be answered when the Xbox One S and the Windows Anniversary Update rolls out on August 2, 2016.


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