EK Full-Cover Water Block for the AMD Radeon Pro Duo Now Available

About EKWB:

Well, if you’re a PC enthusiast, I’m pretty sure you have heard about EK. Almost every custom liquid-cooled PC build uses their product(s). They offer a wide range of products for computer liquid cooling systems.

EK Water Block for the Radeon Pro Duo:

AMD Radeon Pro Duo, currently the fastest graphics card on the planet, is actually already liquid cooled. But EK has created a custom-liquid cooling water block for the Pro Duo, for enhanced cooling, to get the most out of the $1500 card. The water block will fully cover the whole GPU, cooling everything.

To cool the dual-GPU card, this water block uses EK’s central inlet split-flow cooling engine. Adapting the best micro-fin design, this water block ensures the best cooling possible for both of the GPUs.

On top of that, this water block will convert the dual-slot GPU into a single slot card. The fastest GPU on the planet on single-slot form factor! Also, these water blocks are designed specially so they can work with low-power pumps too.

EK-FC Radeon Pro Duo Water Block with Acrylic Top

EK-FC Radeon Pro Duo Water Block with POM Acetal Top

EK-FC Radeon Pro Duo Water Block with POM Acetal Top

The base of the block is made up of nickel-plated electrolytic copper. The top is made up of Acrylic or POM Acetal, depending on the variant you get. The single-slot bracket for the Radeon Pro Duo comes included with the water block.

The Water Block is available on EK Webshop and their trusted re-sellers.

The Acetal + Nickel block will cost you about €160. And for the looks, if you want EK’s custom-designed back plate too, you will have to pay extra €35 to purchase it separately.

Via: TechPowerUp


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