Old Consoles And Their Emulators

Old Consoles And Their Emulators

In old days back in mid 1990’s and early 2000’s, consoles used to be costly when they were launched in the market. With the passage of time they got old and new models appeared in the market and took their place. Games in the older consoles like Atari and Sega were quite challenging. Big reason was that they don’t have save option at that time. Another reason was that gamers cannot play the whole day on the console because they heat up after two to three hours. So their was no end to play a game which has 20+ levels. Here we are going to talk about few older consoles whose games are still in demand and people still love them to play on their smartphones or PC using emulators.

1. Atari 2600:


It was launched in 1982. It is also known as Home Video Game console. It used ROM cartridges which were quite expensive at that time. More than 10 games were available on single ROM cartridge. It was very difficult to find games of our own taste at the time. Games like Pac-man, Pitfall, Space Invaders and Star Wars were the best and still available online. They are free to download and are playable on emulators of Atari 2600. You can download its emulator from CoolROM for your PC or smartphone.

2. Nintendo DS:


Dual screen handheld gaming console developed by Nintendo in 2004. It was the best gaming selling console in 2004 and its sales reached over 100 millions dollars. Its emulator is available online and is downloadable on PC and smartphones. Nintendo DS emulator has auto save option so you don’t have to worry if you didn’t saved the game. Most popular games on Nintendo DS are Final Fantasy IV, Pokemon HeartGold, Super Mario 64 DS, Mario and Luigi Partners in time and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. They are available as ROMs online. You can download its emulator from CoolROM for your PC or smartphone.

3. PlayStation One:


PlayStation One was released in early 2000 by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was the first gaming console which had CD-ROM and 8MB memory card to for saving games. Japanese model was quite heavy and big which was then redesigned into slim model which was later released. PS1 emulator is available online. Need for Speed, Grand Turismo, NASCAR Rumble, Brain Lara Cricket ’99, FIFA ’98 Worldcup, Taken 3 and Lara Croft Tomb Raider were the best games of PS1. You can download its emulator from CoolROM for your PC or smartphone.




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