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Glorious 4k PC Gameplay of No Man’s Sky Emerges Online

No Man’s Sky has just been released for PC Gamers. And while PC Gamers are having a great time travelling and exploring planets, some gamers have the ability to push their hardware to 4k. Thus, we we found 4k gameplay of No Man’s Sky emerging online.

A Youtuber by the name of Rob Cram recently uploaded his gameplay of No Man’s Sky.

While 4k is available on PC, some people are experiencing a hit or miss with Dual Card GPUs with some people having an excellent experience while some aren’t. Though, until now there isn’t any driver available by Nvidia right now. It should be available soon.

Image Credit: Nvidia

The issues of No man’s Sky have certainly got Sean Murray’s attention and reports that the patch should come out soon. Additionally Sean Murray also highlight a few requirements the game need to run properly. Although, it’s still a hit or miss according to Kotaku.

There are some more gameplay tests emerging online as well with Nvidia cards in SLI, they seems to be fine, though, we should see the game improved by this week.

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