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Here’s The Story Behind No Man’s Sky – In the Words of Sean Murray

No Man’s Sky is the second game developed by Hello Games, an indie game studio. No Man’s Sky is an action adventure game, which is big, very big. The game features more than 18 quintillion planets. All the planets, plants, and animals in the game are procedurally generated, so even the developers don’t know much about them. No Man’s Sky also features some cool space dogfights (see video). No Man’s Sky also features music tracks from 64daysofstatic music band. The effects and gameplay of No Man’s Sky are something that makes it an incredible game. If you discover a plant or a species first, you get the honour to name it too!

The Story Behind No Man’s Sky – In the Words of Sean Murray

Here's The Story Behind No Man's Sky - In the Words of Sean Murray

Well, making No Man’s Sky wasn’t easy. Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games and the man behind No Man’s Sky, shared the story behind the diverse game. In his Reddit AMA, Sean Murray shared the inspiring story behind No Man’s Sky and Hello Games.

“I joined the industry straight out of Uni, worked for three years, became a technical director, lost my way, quit and made a game with my friends. That was Joe Danger. Tomorrow we’re releasing our next game called No Man’s Sky.”
– Sean Murray in his Reddit AMA.

It seems like Sean Murray risked a lot to get to this point. He revealed that he sold his house to start Hello Games. Joe Danger is the first game developed by Hello Games. It released back in 2010. And since then, Hello Games has been working on No Man’s Sky.

For those who don’t know, Sean Murray previously worked with EA (Electronic Arts). He worked on Burnout game with EA. But, he quit EA, sold his house and made Hello Games studio with three of his friends.

“I quit my job at EA, where I worked on Burnout, sold my house and started an indie games studio with three friends.”
– Sean Murray.

So there you have it, guys. This is the story behind No Man’s Sky – in the words of Sean Murray. No Man’s Sky releases today on the PlayStation 4. For PC, No Man’s Sky is coming on August 12, 2016.


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