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Here’s a Video of Amazing Space Dogfights in No Man’s Sky

Everyone knows about No Man’s Sky due to its huge amount of hype. But still, if you don’t know, No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure game developed and published by Hello Games. This game is talked about so much right now because of some amazing things that it has to offer. According to the developers, No Man’s Sky has about 18 quintillion planets that you can visit. These planets are procedurally generated, even the developers don’t know much about them. One of the most amazing things about No Man’s Sky is that you get to name the planets and species if you discover them first. The game is huge, with tons of places to explore.

Here's a Video of Amazing Space Dogfights in No Man's Sky

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Now you might be wondering that a game of this scale would be of a great size, but no, you’re wrong. No Man’s Sky, on a BluRay disk, takes up only 6 Gigabytes of data; most of which is audio. The procedurally generated system of No Man’s Sky is quite efficient. No Man’s Sky also features music from “65daysofstatic” music band. The gameplay of No Man’s Sky is also great. Planets located near the center of the universe contain more valuable things and more dangerous foes. You can explore more about No Man’s Sky once you play it yourself; the game is arriving on PS4 today.

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Today, we saw another amazing thing about No Man’s Sky in action. The video first emerged on Reddit, which shows the space dogfights in No Man’s Sky. The gameplay seems fun with great soundtracks. The action is impressive.

 Video of Amazing Space Dogfights in No Man’s Sky

Here, take a look at space dogfights in No Man’s Sky yourself:

Video via: Robedom1

The soundtracks, gameplay, and the effects are mesmerizing. No Man’s Sky is going to release on the PS4 today (9 August). For PC, it’s coming on August 12th, 2016.


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