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No Man’s Sky Makes Its Way Onto Sony’s PlayStation VR – CEO Expects It To Be A Best-Seller

A Match Made In Heaven!

No Man’s Sky has finally made its way onto the PlayStation VR. As Hello Games and its team continue to regain the trust of the gaming community, No Man’s Sky’s own, Sean Murray, has announced the development of No Man’s Sky for the PlayStation VR.

When the game first came out we were awed to find out that No Man’s Sky would not support any Virtual Reality experiences. However, it seems like that may be overruled.

Unlike Batman VR and Iron Man VR, No Man’s Sky would be a simple extension to the original No Man’s Sky game. The game would be available in late 2019 with the Founder, Sean Murray, expecting the update to be the best-selling PSVR title, period. In addition to that, No Man’s Sky would not require all of the PlayStation VR accessories either. A simple PlayStation VR headset and DualShock 4 controller would be sufficient.

Since No Man’s Sky’s PSVR port would act more like an extension, Sean Murray has announced that the update would be available to all existing owners of the title. He further added that the title would immerse you even further with major updates such as No Man’s Sky Beyond and No Man’s Sky NEXT. Sean Murray’s words summarized our feelings.

Grab the joystick and thruster to fly your starship over an unexplored alien planet as you peer out of the cockpit at the view below. Reach into your backpack to grab your multitool, touch it to switch to terrain manipulation, and carve out intricate shapes with unprecedented control. Play in multiplayer and casually wave to your non-VR friends or fist bump your PS VR peers.

Sean Murray, Founder Hello Games

A release date hasn’t been revealed yet. However, it seems like the PlayStation VR update should be making its way to PlayStation 4 consoles in Summer. Let’s hope No Man’s Sky continues to thrive as Hello Games clears their image from all the debacles in the past.

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