This $200 Smartphone May Currently Have The Best Battery Life Ever

Nowadays, big screen smartphones have become very popular. A majority of people prefer smartphones with big & beautiful displays, usually larger than 5 inches. Similarly, a majority of modern smartphones now come with these big displays. However, there’s a drawback of these and that’s power consumption. To power such big displays for hours, large capacity batteries are needed. On average, most modern day smartphones now come with about 2000-3000mAh batteries, depending on their specifications. The third thing which is very important is the consumption rate of the battery. This depends on how intense the usage is and how efficient the hardware inside the phone is. Current smartphones are still pretty good, though. With fast charging capabilities and large batteries, they can provide a good amount of battery life. These phones may come at a premium price though. So, if you’re looking for a latest reasonably priced smartphone with an amazing battery life, we’ve got you covered!


Meet the LG X Power:

The LG X Power is LG’s latest $200 mid-range smartphone. It comes with a big 4100mAh battery and efficient mid-range specifications. Its battery is 50% bigger than the Nexus 5X. The X Power have a 5.3-inch HD display and it is 7.9mm in thickness. The 4100mAh is big, but it is not that much of a surprise. But still, the LG X Power has amazing battery life.

From PhoneArena

The LG X Power gave 15 hours and 18 minutes battery life in tests that simulate typical real-life usage, conducted by PhoneArena. In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active only lasted 11 hours and 2 minutes in the same test. That’s not it, PhoneArena compared this with many other competitors too (including iPhone 6S Plus & Galaxy Note 7) and the LG X Power won. With that being said, the LG X Power currently has the best battery life in all the latest and greatest smartphones.

LG X Power Specifications:

LG X Power is not all about the big battery, it also has mid-range specs and cool features.

Display: 5.3-inch IPS 720p (720×1280) display.
Operating Software: Android Marshmallow.
Processor: 1.3GHz Quad-core processor.
Chipset: MediaTek Helio P10 MT6735 chipset.
Camera: 5MP front camera with face detection and 13MP rear camera with LED flash.
Memory: 16GB internal memory. Up to 256GB MicroSD supported.
Battery: 4100mAh battery – fast charging capable.

The LG X Power is reasonably priced. It’ll just cost you $200 on Amazon.



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