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You May Finally Be Able To Use Any Controller For Any Game, Thanks to Steam

Steam has recently been making some great changes with their platform recently. Of course, the giant, Steam, has become the home for all (most) PC games for more than a while now. Tons of games are released and a whole range of old games are still available on Steam.

Of course, not many games on the PC are optimized for controllers, some don’t even support controllers. The weave of using controllers on PC has been going back and forth for more than a while and definitely I’ll admit that controllers do feel and work better than the keyboard and mouse in many games.

Steam’s latest update from the 5th of January finally adds support to use the Xbox One controller for any game that is available on Steam. Additionally, Steam has also added support for generic controllers that use X-input. Steam users should now be able to use and map their controls according to their liking. And with the help of adding X-input support, games that don’t even support controllers will now also work with controllers.

Well, while many games released on the PC nowadays include support for controllers, the case of adding support makes it more beneficial to users who play older or non-controller games, that is, if it really suits you and plays out well for you.

Definitely a great update and great sign from Steam showing how focused they are on improving the PC platform for gaming. For more, keep it set on GeeksULTD.


Usman Abdul Jabbar

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