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Find Out How Much AMD’s Ryzen CPUs Will Cost In Your Country

AMD has had an amazing launch yesterday in San Francisco and boy are they punching Intel hard in every single price segment. After being called the winter heater for years, AMD has not only improved on their IPC, but also on their TDP. Their Ryzen 7 1700 8 core, 16 Thread CPU is actually rated at 65W only which is more than impressive for it’s performance and price.

Now the biggest factor that will defeat Intel would be AMD’s aggressive pricing. And AMD really seems to deliver it on paper. Malaysian Tech Guru, Goldfries managed to officially get some news after visiting San Francisco and also managed to get some information on the pricing of AMD’s R7 CPUs

Impressively enough, AMD is trying to fill in every nook and cranny over here with there large range of CPUs, but for now, AMD only revealed their highest-end Ryzen 7 CPUs. Ryzen CPUs will be hitting store shelves by the 2nd of March. So get your cash ready!

Find Out How Much AMD's Ryzen CPUs Will Cost In Your Country 2


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