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Intel’s Core i7-7700k Reaches 7.3GHz With All Cores Enabled

The hype for Intel’s Kaby Lake Core-i7-7700k really increased when many leaks showed that the 7700k is reaching 5GHz on most chips. With the Skylake refresh finally being available since last month, overclockers are taking the 7700k to new heights. Previously, we saw the 7700k hitting 7GHz with all cores enabled as reported by TweakTown.

Der8auer, an overclocker has finally broken that barrier and has managed to push the 7700k to 7.2GHz with all cores enabled. Sponsored by Asus, his team finally broke the 7GHz barrier. Purely aimed at extreme overclockers, Asus provided liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to tame down the 7700k. In most circumstances, we usually see most frequency records being hit on single cores. Somehow, his team managed to hit 7328Mhz with all cores and hyper-threading enabled.

Additionally with the information that was found from the video, we could notice that the tests were performed on an Engineering Sample which is quite obvious since the event was held in October 2016. Der8auer recorded sort of a vlog on in journey to Taiwan where the event was held.

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