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Nvidia’s Revealing The GTX 1080 Ti Next Week, 1070 Ti Anyone?

AMD has just had an amazing launch yesterday in San Francisco where the rumors from two years ago were finally laid to rest. After all the hype, AMD is going very aggressively on the pricing of their chips. After full decade of punches forward and backward with Intel, AMD has finally caught up with the competition, and its finally time for AMD to reveal their VEGA GPUs to the masses anytime this year.

Nvidia's Revealing The GTX 1080 Ti Next Week, 1070 Ti Anyone? 2
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It seems like Nvidia on the other hand is also prepping their socks with a GTX 1080 Ti reveal this GDC 2017. After teasing users a link on social media, users scanned the page any actually found mentions and traces of the GTX 1080Ti. Although Nvidia didn’t blatantly mention the GTX 1080 Ti on the page, they definitely have got a countdown on that page. Hopefully a GTX 1070 Ti, at this point, no one knows except for a fact that the GTX 1080 Ti will indeed be revealed at GDC 2017.

I’m just patting myself on the back for not picking up the GTX 1080 yet and picking up a GTX 1070 for now. Now I guess I’ll wait for VEGA too.


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