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HTC’s Vive Ad Network To Track Users Behaviour Towards Ads

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
Usman Abdul Jabbar
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HTC finally launches their Ads service to the masses. Aimed to bring immersive experience to the masses while ensuring both customer and advertiser values by tracking how users behave to their ads.

HTC wants to take care of both sides

Now VR is an amazing technology, we’re seeing VR being used in many scenarios. Now while ads should be benefiting HTC, HTC is really making sure that they display the correct ads to their users as well. On the other hand, HTC is also making sure that developers don’t spends as much on their advertising. The way how they are accomplishing this is by tracking the user’s head movement.

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We could already start imagining how many users would not be on HTC’s side for adding ads to their VR experience, although catering personalized ads should really get them on the get-go. As HTC mentions on their website:


Ads that appear in immersive VR environments can not only provide more effective impressions, they can also track whether the users have viewed them or have turned away their gaze. Accordingly, the multiplied effect of effective impressions and verified viewings will bring you higher advertising revenue!”

Now while there’s no stopping to this program, we are really curious about what type of advertisers will board onto this VR bandwagon. Of course since the ads are tailored towards the user, we should be seeing related ads, but let’s see what type of ads they will implement, whether it’s text, pictures or video.

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If that’s the case, if we see such ads, this program could be amazing for game developers showing off their new game in VR allowing users to buy into the game or not. Triple-A Game Trailers in VR? Fingers crossed!


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