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Render Suggests Scorpio’s Dev Kits Won’t Be Much Larger Than An Xbox One S, Packs Double The VRAM

Microsoft’s new weapon, Project Scorpio is about to land later this year that promises to provide an “un-compromised” 4K gaming experience. Game Developers often get access to Dev Kits from Sony and Microsoft to enhance their development process.

Microsoft recently confirmed the specifications that Project Scorpio will be packing under it’s shell, and it’s far from anything in the console space in terms of shear power. Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro, a console released by Sony, announced their 4.2TFLOPs console that also aimed to provide an amazing 4K visual experience. Although, the console was found to use upscaling techniques in certain games to stabilize frame-rates.

Since the first teaser announcement of Project Scorpio at E3 2017, At several occasions Microsoft mentioned that Project Scorpio will provide an un-compromised 4K gaming experience. According to the exclusive reveal with Digital Foundry, we found some amazing details regarding Scorpio. In a recent report, we found that Microsoft’s Project Scorpio wouldn’t be much larger than Microsoft’s own slim Xbox One S which on itself is a small package to begin with.

Render Suggests Scorpio's Dev Kits Won't Be Much Larger Than An Xbox One S, Packs Double The VRAM 6


Now if Microsoft’s Xbox One S wasn’t powerful enough, the render seems to suggest some additional compute power to be present in Project Scorpio’s Dev Kits. According to the report, the dev kit packs 24GB of GDDR5 VRAM, that is double the amount of VRAM present in Project Scorpio. Additionally, on the GPU side of things, there would be 44 compute units compared to 40 units on the retail Project Scorpio and would pack an OLED display.

In addition to that, a few more changes include the Dev kits coming with vents at the sides and rear to ease lego stacking. And lastly, the Dev Kit would also allow developers to replicate Xbox One, Xbox One S and Project Scorpio environments. Here’s the specifications:

Render Suggests Scorpio's Dev Kits Won't Be Much Larger Than An Xbox One S, Packs Double The VRAM 7

Amazing changes indeed if these details reign to be true. Of course, even if they are, we’d first doubt the size and secondly doubt the fact that such information regarding dev kits would be disclosed.




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