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PlayStation 4 Owners Are Complaining About Their Consoles Going Laggy Due To Recent Updates

Consoles have been the forefront of plug n’ play gaming. The simplicity your titles just working as expected is a huge relief for many console gamers. While I certainly wouldn’t start debating about what PC’s are capable of and can do at this moment, consoles do have their own separate feel of “Its all about the experience” as some may say.

Sony has been very active at dishing out updates for their PlayStation 4 consoles. PlayStation 4 gamers have recently been experiencing performance issues and have taken it to NeoGAF have a look if the issue is just with their console. Users have been reporting that recent updates have made the console laggy.


To assure that this is an issue that arose with recent updates, some users reported that they had no luck rebuilding the database of the console. Now whatever the issue may be could vary from console to console. However, this seems to be a mild issue that Sony could fix in future updates.

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