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The PlayStation 4 Remains The Choice For European Gamers Despite The Switch’s Popularity In The US and Japan

The Nintendo Switch has been selling very well in the US and Japan. In fact, its hovering around the PlayStation 4 sales since its launch in March. The Nintendo Switch has been killing it when it comes to software sales as well.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has hit 2M in sales by early June. Meanwhile, The Legend of Zelda:Breath Of The Wild has hit 3M in sales by early June, that’s not including its sales from the Wii U. When it comes to hardware sales, it’s a huge comeback from Nintendo, especially in the US and Japan trading blows with the PlayStation 4. According to VGChartz, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 264k units in a week. Taking a closer look reveals that the Nintendo Switch sold over 51k units in the US compared to the PS4’s 78k in the US. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch sold almost 25k units in Japan compared to the PS4’s 21k.

What is interesting is how well the PlayStation 4 is leading in Europe. With the PlayStation 4 selling over 156k units in Europe, its far from what the Switch is achieving at 43k units that were sold over the course of the week. The PS4 is handing in almost 3.6x more sales than the Nintendo Switch which is really impressive.

It’s quite understandable why this may be. But the PlayStation 4 has a huge lead here. The lack of Nintendo’s presence as much as it has in the US and Japan could be one of the reasons for this. On top of that, with the PlayStation 4 maturing itself over the years, it was quite expected.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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