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Fake Apple Website Shows Off The iPhone Edition In Ceramic, Without The 8

Without a doubt, Apple has one of the best looking websites. With a slew of rumors suggesting a whole lot of stuff reagrding the next iPhone, an cloned Apple website has shown off the next iPhone, dubbed as the “iPhone Edition”. The website details and lists the next iPhone to have a ceramic back that covers the entire back of the phone. Apple hasn’t done much when it comes to materials. With Apple declaring itself as done with the glass-back days of the iPhone 4, it seems like Ceramic could be the next thing Apple could be working on.

If Apple even do opt for ceramic, we could be seeing a beautiful scratch-resistant phone making its way to consumers. Obviously the source is sketchy, but if ceramic actually becomes an option for the next iPhone its going to be impressive what Apple has in store especially with Apple making subtle design changes over the generations.

Below is an image of the fake Apple website. What do you think about ceramic? Are you positive if would be actually true?Fake Apple Website Shows Off The iPhone Edition In Ceramic, Without The 8 2

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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