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Gamers Could Try Out The Xbox One X A Month Before It Releases

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Microsoft is about to get ready to launch their Xbox One X. With the console finally being re-dubbed as the Xbox One X from Project Scorpio at E3 2017, the Xbox One X is about to about to hit stores next month. The beastly 6TFLOPs console is aiming to give the PlayStation 4 some strong competition from the green team.

With Microsoft calling the pre-orders for the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition to a halt, its about time before users finally get a chance to feel what they’re about to get next month. Gamers would now be able to get a hands-on experience with the Xbox One X at the Microsoft Store. You could experience the Xbox One X at the Microsoft Store in the following locations Microsoft Store New York, Sydney, Bellevue Square Mall and at the Microsoft Store at University Village. Players would finally be able to experience the maximum potential of the Xbox One X. At the store, Microsoft would make sure players would be able to experience the most out of the Xbox One X with its 4K HDR gaming capabilities.

If you’re going to visit the Microsoft Store, make sure you try out Forza Motorsport 7. Forza Motorsport 7 is one of the titles that would run at 4K/60FPS with HDR on the Xbox One X. Indeed an excellent title from the green team showing off the horsepower the Xbox One X packs. Alongside that, there would be a selection of titles at the Microsoft Store as well for your satisfaction.

The Xbox One X is set to release on the 7th of November 2017, packs 6TFLOPs of raw compute power, promises to provide true 4K gaming experience along with HDR support. It is also Microsoft’s tiniest console that uses the power of vapor chamber cooling found in high-end gaming PCs.

Source | Xbox Newsroom


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