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Microsoft Re-Clarifies What The Xbox One X Enhanced Logo Means

When Microsoft first teased Project Scorpio at E3 2016, who would have thought that Microsoft would make such a huge upgrade to the Xbox One. Built around the same foundation as the original Xbox One from 2013, Microsoft announced that Project Scorpio, now Xbox One X, would share the same huge library of titles as the original Xbox One X. However, not only did the Xbox One library of titles share they joy across the Xbox One X, but also came with improvements for Xbox One X owners.

Microsoft made it clear that its upto developers to enhance their titles for the Xbox One X and take as much advantage they could. Since its up to the developers, developers have to option what to enhance on their existing titles. Some developers aim to hit 60FPS, some aim for 4K and while some aim for the 4K/60FPS HDR gaming experience altogether. After all, the competition is fought with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro around.

Microsoft re-clarified what benefits each title would come with if it comes with the Xbox One X Enhanced badge and have launch a webpage that lists the benefits each Xbox One X Enhanced title brings to the table. What that means is that if you see an Xbox One X Enhanced badge on a title that does not mean that it would run HDR 4k/60FPS but requires you to have a second look at how the developers have enhanced the title over the Xbox One base title.

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