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Alleged Nokia 9 Exposes Itself In A Case Listing On Amazon UK

Nokia has had an excellent restart ever since it made its way onto Android. With the iconic brand willing to make a huge comeback, fans are eager to get a glance at what Nokia has in store with the Nokia 9, Nokia’s ultimate flagship.

A recent leak made its way onto Amazon UK earlier today that leaks what allegedly supposes what the Nokia 9 would look like. The case maker reveals quite a number of details about the mystery Nokia phone suggesting a dual curved display similar to Samsung’s edge phones as well as the inclusion of dual cameras at the back of the phone. Additional details that we could pickup from the case include a 16:9 display accompanied by decently small chins and forehead and a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Nokia 9 Case
Alleged Picture of the Nokia 9 in a case

While many other details seem to be uncertain at this point, fans and enthusiasts are keeping their eyes peeled at what what Nika has in store with the Nokia 9… The ultimate Nokia flagship? Most probably… Snapdragon 845? Most probably. But hey it’s all speculation.

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