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Is Razer’s Approach On Smartphones In 2017 Appropriate?

Razer’s first take in the smartphone industry hasn’t been overlooked. With the cult in PC peripherals making their first move catering their smartphone audience, Razer’s approval from their fans and the rest of the tech community have been super positive.

Taking a one up from Apple’s iPad 120Hz pro-motion display, Razer is the first to pack in a 120Hz display out of the box for gamers to fully embrace all of the frames they have been missing out on this whole time. Backed by the best hardware in the smartphone industry, the phone is no slouch when it comes to performance even at QHD. With all of these pixels and high-refresh rate terms being thrown out there, there’s two core problems that a typical smartphone would face.

The Razer Phone 2017
The Razer Phone 2017

First, the major problem would be thermals, and second, battery life. Razer has backed the internals by packing in a 4000mAh battery which is more than what we’ve been seeing so far in 2017. Keeping the thermals in check, the Razer phone utilizes its back to dissipate the heat away from the phone that allows for a much more comfortable gaming experience.

Our Boiling Thoughts

Now that we’ve gone through the internals, is Razer’s phone enough to stand out from the crowd? Or is it a newcomer smartphone company that’s about to be overlooked? Well here’s our thoughts.

As far what we’ve seen so far, the company has carefully planned out every single step since its acquisition of NextBit. Not only does the phone live upto the legacy design of the NextBit Robin, but the device also makes up for a phone that’s absolutely fit for Razer’s intended audience.

The Nextbit Robin
The Nextbit Robin | Image Credits CNET

We could see Razer’s mindset from the striking design of the phone where the power button packs an internal fingerprint scanner along with a host of excellently placed volume rockers to its side making it easily accessible for both righties and lefties if that’s what you may want to describe users as. On top of that, Razer’s decision of a 16:9 display wasn’t bad either. Not only would that prevent accidental touches, but the phone also has room for dual front-facing stereo speaking showing how much Razer thought of using every inch of the device. Color selection has also been done well by giving users a single color option avoiding the thought process for many gamers unless you’re a casual user going for trendy colors. These all in tandem really show off how well Razer planned out their time until now.

While the phone is far from even being called affordable, I think that even a user who would be opting in for a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 would love to have a look at what Razer’s phone is capable of and what tricks it packs under its sleeve. With everyone catching up in terms of hardware internals, there has to be factors that allow each contending phone to stand out from the other aside from its design, and with Razer’s mindset while designing the phone we could absolutely find the striking aspects of that.

Is Razer's Approach On Smartphones In 2017 Appropriate? 1
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Credits | AndroidPIT

Creating such a phone that not only caters their existing gaming audience but a phone that truly knows how to game is one feature that would absolutely set itself apart. Afterall, if Apple would have added a 120Hz display to their new iPhone lineup, the 8 and X, it wouldn’t have made Razer’s phone that much big of a deal.

Adding to sugar to the subject, as we get to see new smartphones packing 120Hz displays, consumers would have the chance of experiencing what high-refresh displays have to offer. This is a huge factor that has been booming lately in the PC market and has seen over 350% year over year sales since 2015. App developers, game developers and ton of other industries related to media would finally be able to bake into the 120Hz trend and give gamers the experience that have always been missing on.

I think that Razer’s take on a stealthy design is absolutely fabulous despite the brand being well-known for its RGB peripherals. The design looks like its in a league of its own despite Samsung’s glass design being very well praised in the tech community. For what Razer has brought to the table, it seems like they’ll keep the crown up for the mobile gaming community until some brand comes to dethrone it. But with Razer’s impressive reputation, it seems like its isn’t happening anytime soon. Amazing indeed for those who could fork out the cash. Indeed a standout smartphone from 2017.

Whether Razer decides to upgrade the phone in 2018 is a decision that time would answer.

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