One of the key titles launching alongside the PlayStation 4 Pro was Horizon Zero Dawn, a tile that pushed the boundaries of Sony’s new console showcasing what Sony has to offer with their PlayStation 4 Pro. With the title being very well praised for its excellent graphics and excellent breakthroughs in visuals, the title does seem to have more to offer.

With the title hitting its eighth month since its launch, the developers aren’t allowing for their marvel to go stale as the finally release their first DLC for the game. Celebrating the release of their first DLC, Sony has released a launch trailer for the title showcasing a brand new environment to the game.

Not only would this DLC rejuvenate its enthusiastic player base, but the title would also showcase players how much the developer has put into the game after its initial release. Being a PlayStation 4 exclusive, such exclusives would define Sony’s future after Microsoft plans to merge PC and Xbox One players together.

Indeed, an amazing DLC indeed set to release on the 7th of November, 2017 on the PlayStation 4 family of devices.

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