EA is just about to reveal the next Battlefield. Followed by the decoding of the easter eggs EA crammed into Battlefield 1, the Battlefield community was assured that EA was upto something new. Now that EA has finally revealed that the next Battlefield title would be called Battlefield V, we were assured that the next Battlefield title would most likely be set in a WWII/Vietnam war era.

After digging through EA’s official website, we finally verified what seems to be the location of where Battlefield V is set. The images EA has published on their website regarding Battlefield V contain “Casa Blanca” in their URL. A YouTuber by the name of An7ero, in a video, had finally verified that the location of the war to be set in Morocco during the WWII era. Additional searches through Google revealed that the location had been a part of the bloodshed back in WWII. Wikipedia had our answers lying there and the battle from WWII is called “Naval Battle of Casablanca“.

The image URL reads:


Now that we’re assured that Battlefield V is set in WWII, we could get a bit of an idea what type of combat we’re looking at over here. If you’re interested in the battle, head over to Wikipedia. For now, that’s what we have.

Now that everything’s lining up, I would be surprised to see what EA revealed next week.

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