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China Is Now The #1 PC Gaming Market, Expected To Grow By 16% By 2022

There’s no surprise in hearing the fact that China tops the population charts globally. Amassed by over 1.3B people, China has pretty much expanded into every industry you could think of, whether that’s manufacturing, e-sports or overall development. The country also finds a huge portion of its young population integrating themselves into video games. The country has some of the best E-Sport athletes within Asia, some of the biggest companies and is home to the biggest smartphone market in the world thanks to the likes of Huawei, OnePlus and Xiaomi.

Recently, a market research firm, Niko, released their analysis of the Chinese PC Gaming market. This report reveals what the research firm has found and how it expects the Chinese PC gaming market to flourish over the next five years.

China Is Now The #1 PC Gaming Market, Expected To Grow By 16% By 2022 4

According to the research firm, China currently has the largest PC gaming market amassing over US $15.53 Billion in 2017. The research firm believes this figure to grow to US $17.44 Billion by the end of 2022. Niko, the research firm, also reports that over 300M PC Gamers were online in 2017, this figure is said to increase to 350M by 2022. This means that the we’re looking at the Chinese gaming industry to grow by 12-16% over the next five years.

The research firm also revealed that competitive titles, along with the help of the rise of the Battle Royale genre has been the core reason for the growth of its industry.

Source | Niko

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