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Nokia and Xiaomi Make It To The Top 5 In Europe

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Xiaomi and Nokia aren’t strangers. While Nokia has had a legendary past, the new kid on the block, Xiaomi, has a ton of glimmer to impress the European audience.

In a recent study by Canalys, a market research firm, reported that Xiaomi and Nokia had made it to the top 5 places in terms of shipments throughout Europe. Despite being the new kids at school, both of these companies have managed to make a dent in the smartphone market in Europe. The market research firm Canalys has ranked Xiaomi and Nokia at 4th and 5th place respectively based on their shipments.

The research firm noted a huge drop in Samsung’s shipments, that is, 15% to be specific, due the arrival of Xiaomi and Nokia grasping the low-range and mid-range market. However, even so, Samsung has managed to stay at the top despite these drops. Both Nokia and Xiaomi’s offerings seems to be very enticing, especially with the Nokia 7 Plus and Xiaomi’s Redmi range around.

Huawei Honor V9 Blue Red
The Huawei Honor V9

Nokia took fifth place with 1.6M shipments, Xiaomi took 4th place with 2.4M shipments, Huawei took 3rd place with 7.4M shipments, Apple took 2nd second place with 10.2M shipments and Samsung retained its first place with 15.2M shipments. During the same quarter, not only did Xiaomi and Nokia find success, but Huawei also found itself a 38% increase it its shipments. This could be credited towards the release of the Huawei Mate 10 and Honor 7X. Impressive indeed!

What’s left to be seen is how well these brands manage to expand within Europe. Despite Xiaomi’s efforts, Xiaomi still has to work on getting their phones to farther regions and make sure that they could keep up with the demand. The best way Xiaomi could do apart from selling their phones unlocked is by offering them to carriers as their did in the UK.

Now that we’re almost past the second quarter of 2018, it would be interesting to see what else lies ahead for Nokia and Xiaomi and how would their rankings shuffle over the course.

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