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Fortnite’s Growth Has Finally Hit The Roof, Revenue Hits A New High

Fortnite’s growth over the past year has been phenomenal. The free-to-play title amasses over 125 million players across a plethora of platforms. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 consoles, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo Switch consoles as a well on mobile devices and openly supports cross-play regardless of the platform.

A well-reputed research firm, SuperData, published a report today regarding the success of the gaming industry for May 2018. The research firm noted Fortnite’s progress over the past month and by the results, it seems like its explosive growth is slowing down. SuperData reports that for the first time, the game is seeing single digital growth, 7% to be exact. The folks over at Epic Games are definitely aware of their player counts and it seems like they would try everything in their power to keep the title on top of the trending lists.

The research firm also noted that Epic Games made the highest amount of revenue in May. According to SuperData’s figures, they estimate that Fortnite has brought over US $318 million in revenue.

Updates such as the inclusion of Playground LTM should allow a fresh breed of players emerging into Fortnite’s Esports scene. Since Fortnite offers a decently competitive experience thanks to its building mechanics. As we head further into 2018, Epic Games is definitely trying to mature Fortnite up a bit so that it would be taken more seriously in the e-sports scene. Areas such as building and gunning are going to have a bit of shifts here and there over the course of the next year as we reported on Epic Games plans for Fortnite last week.

There’s definitely room for improvement and whole lot of excellent ideas that have to be heard by Epic Games for the game’s stability in the future. Considering how well the Battle Royale genre is booming, the genre is about to get a whole lot tougher especially when you have EA and Activision trying to jump into the battle royale genre with Battlefield V and Call of Duty Black Ops IV. EA and Activison plan to release their titles with battle royale modes slated to hit shelves in October.

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