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PUBG Mobile’s Revenue Triples Following The Release Of Royale Pass

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Both Epic Games and Bluehole Studios definitely have a sour spot for each another. Despite the massive success Fortnite has garnered over the past year. There definitely has been a considerable hit to PUBG’s player base when Fortnite hit the scene. PUBG has lost over 50% of its player base since 2018. However, a considerable amount of players are still holding onto PUBG.

Recently, study conducted by Sensor Tower reveals some promising news for the title’s success, at least on mobile. According to Sensor Tower, the introduction of Royale Pass in PUBG has tripled the game’s revenue, putting the developers in a much comfortable spot. The data firm notes that the game now earns the developers over $650,000 a day from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Prior to the release of Royale Pass, the game made over $220,000 a day and has been juggling there for quite a while.

They also noted their since the introduction of the Royale Pass, the game’s revenue hasn’t dropped below $450,000 and has also had an all-time peak at $1.1 Million in a day. Impressive indeed!


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