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Samsung Yet Again Disses Apple In A Series Of Commercials

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
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Samsung definitely deserves respect for conserving some of the most practical technologies. On one hand, brands are busy removing headphone jacks and SD cards slots. While Samsung continues to conserve these really practical solutions on every single smartphone they release nowadays.

Apple removed the headphone jack from their devices back when they released the iPhone 7 calling it “courage”. Samsung definitely shot itself in the foot with the release of the Note 7, but it definitely made sure to diss Apple in the the process. “You know what else the Note 7 comes with? A headphone jack”, said a Samsung exec back at the launch of the Note 7.

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In a recent commercial, you could see an Apple Store employee explaining to another gentlemen what they’ll have to do if they decide to charge their device and use their headphones at the same time. The feud shows what Apple users have to go through to use their headphones.

Considering that Samsung has recently released the ad, it seems like the company isn’t planning to remove the headphone jack anytime soon. That’s for sure. But again, considering how fast companies moves on, let’s not rely too heavily on the fact that Samsung may change their mind at anytime. Hey, just look at Google where they dissed Apple for the same reason, and then joined them with the launch of the Pixel 2. Such a shame indeed.

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