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Sony To Play The Nokia Lumia 1020 Card With The Xperia XZ3, 47MP Camera Incoming?

Sony’s definitely losing its ground with all of the competition, we’ve seen Sony back out from a ton of industries. However, it seems like Sony isn’t losing hope in a world of Galaxies and iPhones. Sony definitely had the better phones back in the day. The bitter rivalry between Samsung, HTC and Sony has me mesmerized to this day. Now that HTC has officially backed off from India due to the harsh competition from Apple and Samsung on the high-end and the same harsh competition incoming from major Chinese brands.

Now that Sony’s about to play their next flagship card, it seems like Sony has some massive surprises in store. According to a recent leak on Geekbench, the leak showcases a ton of internals of the details as well as a suspected existence of a 47MP(IMX586) sensor. Since Sony is still the leader in providing imaging sensors to basically every Android OEM, the existence of the such a sensor could be possible. However, let’s not forget that this leak in coming from Geekbench, where leaks are often inflated or don’t exist altogether. Given the circumstances, if true, Sony could desperately be playing the Nokia 1020 game.

According to the leak, the Sony Xperia XZ3 is said to pack about 6GB RAM paired with 64GB of internal storage. Alongside that, its said that this device could still sport a FHD+ display. This means that we could be looking at an 18:9 display from Sony. Whether Sony intends to move along with the trend or skip it altogether has to be predicted in future releases from Sony. Since the leak doesn’t show much signs of legitimacy, I have quite a suspicion that this leak could be fake. But if it does end up being true in any form, this could be might for Sony, even though most techies do realize that the megapixel count doesn’t matter as much as sensor size and optimization go into account.

Sony To Play The Nokia Lumia 1020 Card With The Xperia XZ3, 47MP Camera Incoming? 2
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