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Ubisoft Temporarily Bans 1300 Boosted Players From Rainbow Six Siege, Reveals More Details

Ubisoft has went hard on everyone recently. They’ve banned users to simply swearing, and have also went ham on the ban hammer of hackers and players who have been boosted by hackers. This will definitely clean up a ton of the toxic community in Rainbow Six Siege.

While it may be a bit harsh, I’d bet that a lot of players are definitely appreciating Ubisoft’s steps to clean the player base from all of these issues. Aside from toxicity, the banned hackers and boosted players would have to face misery before coming back to the game. Players boosted with the help of hackers are going to be banned for 15 days. While hackers who have been roaming in the game’s competitive modes would face permanent bans.

On the flip side, players who were clean would see an increase in the rank. This a welcome improvement for everyone. Ubisoft has also confirmed that players who have been waiting for their rank to be upgraded would go through some extensive reviews before determining their rank again.

And lastly, with the last Anti-Cheat update, they announced that they are still working on pushing Two-Factor Authentication as soon as possible. Considering that players would be required to connect their smartphones to their devices, I’d bet that the hassle clean players would go through would be more than worth it.


Usman Abdul Jabbar

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