Here’s Everything We’ve Learnt About The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s either having a hard time concealing their secrets or either Samsung’s purposely trying to create hype for their flagships. Launches from Samsung aren’t appearing an enticing as they used to back in the day, that’s for sure.

By this point, pretty much anyone who has been following the leaks of the Note 9 knows what Samsung has in store with the launch of the Note 9 this year. Sure, there’s improvements over the Note 8. However, I would argue that the Note 9 is going to be yet another game-changer from Samsung. Since it is coming with improvements, there may be a few that you may have missed along the way. Here’s everything we’ve learnt about the Note 9 through leaks and rumors over the past few months.

01 | The Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Render In Blue/Gold | Credits: MadMix

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 without a doubt has to be called the copy-paste cousin from the future. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is said to have basically indistinguishable fronts compared to its predecessor, the Note 8 from 2017.

However, coming to the back, it seems like Samsung may have have learnt from their mistakes from last year. With this year’s model, Samsung’s intentions to clear out the fingerprint scanner position debacle are clearer than ever. However, I’m sure that many people would raise their eyebrows regarding the symmetry Samsung intends to incorporate in the Note 9’s rear.

At the back, we could clearly see that there would be a dual camera setup yet again this year. Alongside that, the fingerprint sensor would move itself to the upper-middle section of the device to avoid smudging the camera on the device.

Given that we did expect these changes to come down the pipeline with the launch of the Note 9, what we didn’t expect was Samsung’s intention to spice up their color scheme with the Note 9. With this year’s model, renders have suggested that Samsung intended to bring a two-tone color scheme to their devices to introduce some extra flair over the Note 8.

Considering that Samsung hasn’t given their word yet, the official Galaxy Note 9 trailer that leaked a few hours ago has pretty much confirmed a ton of the leaks.

02 | The new storage options – Up to 512GB Internal Storage, Anyone?

With this launch, it seems like all of the leaks are pointing towards a 128GB base model. Given that device manufacturers have been giving internal storage some extra points lately, Samsung seems to setting an example for being among the first from popularize 128GB of internal storage as the minimum for flagships.

Since China and Korea have been enjoying some exclusive variants of existing Samsung flagships with extra ram and ROMs for a while. Leaks suggest that it’s likely that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would sport upto 512GB of internal storage which is more than impressive for any device out in the market right now. Given that the trailer that leaked a while ago showcased the possibility of expanding your storage upto 1TB through a MicroSD card, Samsung’s definitely setting a great example for the practicality of their devices in a time where devices are removing them.

Does anyone remember the slew of ads Samsung released last week taunting the iPhone X? Well, here’s a refresher.

03 | A Much Larger Battery – 4000mAh

Ever since the the Note 7 debacle, Samsung has been at work, making sure that this doesn’t happen again. For those who don’t know, shortly after the launch of the Note 7, a ton of people found that their Note 7 blast into flames for no sudden reason.

Rumors have been suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could be regaining the confidence of its users by making a comeback of the larger battery we all know and love the Note series for. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Note 9 would pack a 4000mAh battery compared to the measly 3,300mAh battery on the Note 8.

If true, the Note 9 would pack the largest battery we’ve ever seen from a Galaxy Note device in more than a while.

Given how confident Samsung has been lately, its likely that that if not 4000mAh, Samsung would at least be planning to give the battery size on the Note 9 a major boost as they teased in a recent series of ads related to the Unpacked event.

04 | The S-Pen – Did Someone Say S-Pen Updrades?

Apart from all of the usual upgrades, what was quite surprising, yet overdue, had to be the fact that Samsung was finally giving the S-Pen an upgrade.

Throughout the life of the Note series of devices, the S-Pen has been one of the biggest reasons people pickup the Note series of devices. It allowed you to use a stylus to glide across the device as well as jolt down a few notes as you go by. Basically, the Note 9 was a pretty basic stylus that most devices could have mimicked since everything was being done by the device itself.

With this year’s launch, the Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen is said to be capable of doing some special tasks. From muting your alarm, to controlling the music that’s playing on your device, it’s going to be here.

What would be even more enticing is if Samsung would announce that we could assign custom functions to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S-Pen. Given that I open GeeksULTD 50-times a day like a paranoid, I would love to you that button.

However, since it is a single button, it’s likely that the tasks it would be able to perform would be limited.

05 | The Price Is Over $1000

Samsung’s definitely taught Apple how to hit the $1000 mark. Since the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 for a $1000 last year, Apple thought that it was okay for them to follow the same trait. With this year’s model, it seems like Samsung’s continuing to become even more confident at charging higher prices for their flagships.

Now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s upper-tier flagship. However, expanding on that $1000 mark is definitely raising my eyebrows.

Leaks have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would come in two variants only, a 128GB variant and a 512GB variant. It is said that these devices would be priced at price at $1057 and $1254 for their respective storage options.

Given that there’s still a few days before its official launch, I am curious to see if Samsung has any enticing features to announce that we are still unaware of on August the 9th, next week.


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