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Microsoft’s Introduces The New Xbox All Access Program – Offers The Xbox One S And X And Special Perks For $22/month and $35/month, Respectively

Talk about enthusiastic endeavours. Microsoft has been killing the enthusiastic game ever since they announced the Xbox One. After losing horribly to Sony, Microsoft knew that the only way to stick loyal with it’s consumers was to keep them enthusiastic. Since then, Microsoft has many consumer-friendly steps to keep its community happy.

The ball started to roll when Microsoft first launched the Xbox Elite Controller, a controller that’s unparalleled until today for its excellent shape, customisability and features. Microsoft’s intentions started to change even further at E3 2016, two and a half years after the initial announcement of the Xbox One in 2013. At E3 2016, Microsoft had a lot going for itself, from teasing Project Scorpio to teasing the small tidier Xbox One S, Microsoft has the show with full grasp with eventually led Sony to delay the announcement of the PlayStation 4 slim and PlayStation 4 Pro so that it won’t be overshadowed by Microsoft’s announcements.

However, it wasn’t all about console announcements at E3 2016 for Microsoft, it was about Microsoft to unify both of its platforms, Windows and Xbox together following the release of Windows 10 from 2015. Microsoft continued with their unified approach with the announcement of the Xbox Play Anywhere Program, a program introduced by Microsoft that would eventually kickoff the cross play idea into reality. Microsoft has a selection of titles that support the program. Games that are part of the program require a single purchase of the game on either platform and allow you to play the game on either platform while keeping your progress in sync. This meant that Xbox players or PC players could simply continue where they left off regardless of their platform.

Today, Microsoft showcased a new program that they’re keen to kickoff, dubbed as the Xbox All Access Program. This program would allow consumers in participating countries to pickup an Xbox One S console for $21.99/month without any upfront costs. In addition to just the console, players would also get access to Microsoft’s Game Pass as well an Xbox Live Gold Membership throughout the complete 24 months of their program.

However, if you’re a bit tech-savvy and want to get your hands on the beastliest console of the generation, Microsoft is also offering the Xbox One X for an excellent price of $34.99 with the same perks as the Xbox One S. With the Xbox One X you’re obvisoulu getting some immense raw gaming power as the ability to play a ton of games in 4k.

This is an excellent offer from Microsoft, one, that came as a surprise. This allows the Xbox One family of consoles that much more enticing given how Microsoft is willing to move forward.

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