CS:GO Introduces New Skin Cases – Introduces The Nuke And Inferno Case

Its About To Get Cheesier As We Head Into FaceIT London

Counter Strike:Global Offensive hosts some of the most competitive gamers in the entire gaming community. As we head into the next major, FaceIT London, the folks over at Valve have just introduced two new cases to the game.

The Nuke and Inferno cases are set to bring some cheesy skins into the mix contributed by a number of workshop users succeeding the Horizon case from last month. Since these cases are expected to be found in the latest Souvenir packages being dropped within the game when you tune into live streams of the event. Since this would be the first CSGO tournament hosted on Steam.TV, a new rival from Valve in the live streaming category, I’m expecting the folks over at Valve to make this special.

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As usual, players and enthusiasts alike would be able to tune into the action by simply hopping onto Steam.TV or watch the game through GOTV.

Here’s all of the skins that are a part of the Nuke And Inferno Case.


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